Hampton Boat Launch

NOTE: For the 2015 season, Hampton Boat Launch and Campground will be closed.  This is due to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers planned repairs of the Lookout Point Dam.  Water levels will remain well below the level of the ramp for the entire recreation season.  For camping, Black Canyon Campground is located approximately one mile to the east along Highway 58.

Hampton Boat Launch is located on Lookout Point Reservoir, and offers camping, boating, and fishing.

The reservoir is wide-open at this site, with few trees dotting the shoreline.  The campground offers convenient access to Oregon State Highway 58 and the site is popular with recreational vehicles. Note that the railroad adjacent to the campground is active at all hours, and there will be noise from the trains signalling their approach to the grade crossing.  

Overall, this site is fairly rustic with few amenities. Those boating and fishing the river or the reservoir utilize the adjacent boat ramp.