Greenwood Day Use Area

This listing is provided by Travel Oregon

This small parking area has trails leading both up and down river providing plenty of angling access. Or, one can make use of the provided bench or step right down to the bank of the Crooked Wild and Scenic River.

Know Before You Go:

  •  Open year-round for day-use only.
  •  Potable water is available year-round at Chimney Rock Campground, 2.1 miles miles west (upriver) on State Highway 27.
  •  Cell phone service is not available at the site.
  • Watch for bicyclists: the section of State Highway 27 between Prineville and Bowman Dam is designated as the Crooked River Canyon Scenic Bikeway.

Point of Interest: The views from this straight stretch of the Crooked River are dominated by near vertical cliff walls; photographers favor the site during the hours when low-angle lighting highlight the brilliant textures of the basaltic lava flows high above the river.