Bob Creek Wayside

Bob Creek Wayside, the fourth and final viewpoint along Neptune State Park, is one not to miss. The crescent shaped beach is best visited during low tide, when a variety of marine life is on display. From countless mussels, barnacles and sea grass to brightly colored star fish, sea anemones and snails to hermit crabs, Dungeness crabs and so much more! Even if you’re late to low tide, slabs of basalt rocks remain accessible and anytime is a good time for agate hunting.

Digging and otherwise disrupting habitat is strictly prohibited, so be sure to follow all posted regulations. The turnout for Bob Creek Wayside is about 10 minutes south of Yachats. Parking is free, but space is limited, so plan your visit in the off-season and early to midweek. And remember, due to sneaker waves, never turn your back on the ocean.