Grande Hot Springs RV Resort

This listing is provided by Union County Chamber of Commerce

Union County approved the development of the Hot Lake Recreational Vehicle Resort in 1985 as part of a redevelopment plan for the Hot Lake property. Plans included the RV Resort, an 18 hole Golf Course, and a Geothermal Water Park. Although there were no plans to restore the dilapidated Hotel and the Golf Course and Water Park never got off the ground, the RV Resort was built in 1988.

By the mid-1990s the Hot Lake property was once again near bankruptcy & foreclosure. In 1994 the Hot Lake property was split into several parcels. Since that time the RV Resort has had different owners from the other neighboring Hot Lake properties.

The RV Resort has water rights to the hot springs water from Hot Lake and it is used to heat all the buildings on the property, as well as all the domestic water for showers, and for the Mineral Soaking Pools. Soaking in the 170 degree hot springs water requires it be mixed with the 77 degree geothermal mineral well water to reach the perfect soaking temperature!