Bull Bend Campground

This listing is provided by Visit Central Oregon

This campground is probably one of the best kept secrets in the Deschutes Forest. The access road is gravel/dirt you may want to drive slowly if you are in an RV or trailer, but your short drive off the road will be worthwhile. The campground is located on about 10 acres of land that is almost totally surrounded by the Deschutes River. The sites are large enough for the biggest RV or longest trailer, and if past history means anything you stand a good chance of being alone except for our attendant who comes in each day to clean. Cell phone coverage is available here.

Boat fishing or drift fishing is the best way to catch fish; motorized boating is not permitted. The water is Class II flatwater up to about 6 miles below Sunriver, where there are a number of dangerous falls.

Find a map of this campground here.

There is a boat launch area within this campground.