Loving Life in Lakeview

Another of our hub-and-spoke tours, this one bases in Lakeview, the tallest town in Oregon! You’ll want your baggies as well as your Lycra for this trip, we will have days on both road and mountain bikes. The 90 mile Oregon Outback Scenic Bikeway is the signature road ride, on other days we will have your knobby tires on dirt that starts at the city limits.

We may be in Oregon’s high desert country, but that doesn’t mean this is a dry ride in every sense. Some of the featured sights include hot springs, the wild plum wines and spirits from Stringer’s Orchard, and maybe even a geyser!

The 7 day/6 night package includes:

Shuttle to and from Portland (it is a full travel day on either end with 5 full days of riding)
6 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 5 dinnersr
lodging includes a mix of camping and B & B accommodations. As with all our packages the camping is complete porter service (all you need is your sleeping bag and pillow) We provide double occupancy tents with cots, mattresses and all the gear
Road, mountain and fat bikes for the group so you can decide what you want to ride based on each days terrain.