TREO Ranches

When you sign up for a TREO hunt, you can be assured of complete relaxation. No worries. No fussing.

No add-ons. A TREO package is all-inclusive.

From bed to breakfast, to ice-cold beer or pop in the evenings, TREO tries to meet your every need. That’s how Phil and Kathy Carlson designed TREO’s hunts. 

Plenty of birds–that’s a given, too. Whether you hunt pheasants or chukars, there will be plenty of shooting. That’s the core of the TREO package–lots of birds!

TREO has a Sporting Clay package, too. Our top-notch sporting clays course provides more than entertainment. Sporting clays can quickly help you become a better shot!

TREO lodge features:  horse shoe pit, bike riding, hot tub, fire place, central air-conditioning, satellite TV, pool table, Wi-Fi and more!