Is a wilderness trip in September doable in terms of weather, hunting season, etc.?

September is a great time to visit Oregon and explore the mountains! It’s definitely doable, but weather can be a huge question mark. Often, September is filled with warm, summer-like days and crisp, cool nights. However, it’s not uncommon to see snow falling in September, especially at higher elevations.

If you’re planning on day hikes, you will have plenty of options, even if we do get some early snow. You might just have to hike a little lower in the mountains. I’d suggest packing plenty of layers, as well as rain gear, so you’re prepared for anything. If you’re doing any overnight trips into the mountains, you’ll definitely want to prepare for any type of weather and check the forecast frequently as you get closer to your travel date.

Hunting is not allowed in the wilderness areas, and it’s usually not too much of a concern in the National Forest around Mt. Hood or in the Columbia River Gorge. You will definitely see hunters in more remote areas and further east. Wear bright colors and you’ll be fine.

We do have black bears in Oregon, but seeing them is somewhat rare and they are not usually aggressive. Usually by the time autumn rolls around, they’re too busy gorging themselves in preparation for winter. If you do see a bear, just give them lots of space.

Let me know if you have any additional questions or if you’d like any suggestions on where to hike/trek. September is one of my favorite months in Oregon!

Have a great trip.