We’re interested in renting a home on or near the beach in Oregon for a few weeks this summer. We have kids ages 5, 6, and 12 and are looking for a sandy beach, relaxed quiet community with great fishing, biking and playgrounds. What areas do you suggest? – Lauri

In order to enjoy boating and easy docking, you’re going to have to find a place that is not oceanfront, but more like a bay, inland lake or river. I’m picturing a few places like that on the Nehalem River, and on the Nestucca River, both in Tillamook County. I just did a quick search and found a few on Mercer Lake, near Florence. But, I don’t know of any small, non-touristy communities that are also good for biking and playgrounds — those just don’t seem to go together. But I’ll bet the kids will think the beach is a pretty good playground.