If you were going to get engaged in Oregon, where would you do it? – A.C.

You are in luck because I have a few ideas to  share with you! I happen to have a B & B in the Willamette Valley and we host many newlyweds so noting the locations our brides and grooms chose to “tie the knot,” can also be some of the most romantic places to “pop the question.” If I could give you just one answer, I would chose smack dab in the middle of a hazelnut orchard!  Off Highway 228 between Brownsville and Sweet Home, Oregon, you’ll find the sweetest orchard with old trees anchored solid in to the earth in the most perfect rows.  They have been there forever and their branches hang like arms in protection of something special and what a peaceful place. You will find many hazelnut orchards all throughout the Willamette Valley and just using Google, you can find more.

The Willamette Valley is gorgeous so choosing any outdoor venue would be  perfect. At Mary’s Peak after a nice long hike to the top, behind the falls at Silver Creek Falls, at Left Coast Cellars in between the rows of grapes or while enjoying a picnic at one of Linn County’s covered bridges.  Wherever you choose, I wish you luck and very romantic and memorable moment.