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Elkton is called the “Jewel of the Umpqua” for good reason.

The forested town features prized vineyards and countless outdoor adventures. Here in Elkton, anglers catch bass, salmon and steelhead in the lower Umpqua River; butterflies enchant visitors at the large botanical garden; history buffs flock to Fort Umpqua; and oenophiles can discover the Elkton AVA’s hidden-gem wineries.

Trip Ideas

  • Umpqua River Scenic Byway
    Enjoy a 66-mile/106-kilometer drive as diverse as the river itself, rolling through historic timber towns, wine country, fishing hot spots and fur-trading posts as it twists through the Coast Range on its way to the... More
  • Visit Elkton, Oregon’s Newest AVA
    With nearly 500 wineries and counting in Oregon, sometimes it's hard to know where to begin exploring. So why not start with the latest addition? In February 2013, the state welcomed Elkton as its newest... More
  • Elkton’s Butterfly Playground
    July, the heart of Oregon's summer season, is a bit of a blissful time marked by long warm days that invite you to linger longer in the outdoors. In one small town, it’s also the busiest time of... More

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