I’m looking for history or information about Thor’s well?

Thor’s Well is also known simply as Spouting Horn and is located in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area near Yachats. It can be viewed by taking the Captain Cook Trailhead from the Visitor Center. When surf is up, water shoots upward from the bowl carved out of the basalt shoreline, then drains back into the opening. Many photographers trying to capture the action report how dangerous it is to try to get close to the spouting horn when it’s active, so if you visit, be careful and keep your distance.

Formations like these are typically formed over long periods of time geologically. They begin as a sea cave and eventually the top of the cave collapses, leaving an opening where the tide surges in, then shoots upward with dramatic force. Similar dramatic formations can be seen nearby at Devil’s Churn and at Devil’s Punchbowl in Otter Rock to the north.

Editor’s Note: Our own Grant McOmie traveled to Cape Perpetua earlier this year; see the story and video here.

October 16th, 2012

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  1. Lia says…

    I’m pretty sure that Spouting Horn and Thor’s Well are two separate phenomena. They are in the same tidal area, however. The Spouting Horn is closer to the shore cliff. Thor’s Well requires that you walk out onto the tidal zone for viewing.

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  2. Gary Hayes says…

    Lia, I had been meaning to clean up this poorly worded response. You’re right Spouting Horn and Thor’s Well are two different phenomena and I should have said they are both located in the area that is most commonly known for Spouting Horn. Both are located at Cook’s Chasm; Spouting Horn is part of the chasm’s south edge and Thor’s Well is located just to the northwest on the rocky intertidal plateau. Both can be viewed from the Cook’s Chasm viewpoint on Highway 101 near the entrance to the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center. There is some highway wayside parking just steps from the viewpoint and it is a short walk from the main parking area at the visitor center. You can view Thor’s Well safely from the viewpoint. It can be very dangerous to get too close.

    Written on May 30th, 2014 / Flag this Comment

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