Crater Creek Ditch

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This roadside route starts at Todd Lake and ends at the west terminus of Forest Road 378. You’ll pass through a variety of forest types traveling to this site including shady forests of thick-trunked mountain hemlock or subalpine fir, and large dryland openings of forbs and grass-like plants. Forest undergrowth is typically sparse at this elevation. Whole trees and woody debris laying on the ground are ample sign of the abundant snowfall that trims or topples alpine trees. Dwarf huckleberry wears brilliant colored foliage in September and October.

Caution: Due to deep winter snows Rd. 4600-370 is generally only open July through October. The road beyond Todd Lake Trailhead is narrow, steep, wet, and not rocked for traction, so high clearance, 4-wheel drive vehicles are recommended. PLEASE remain on designated roads or trails because alpine soils are thin and extremely vulnerable to erosion. Biting insects are prolific here from June through August.