Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Area

Mt. Hood Meadows offers some of the most spectacular skiing and snowboarding in the Northwest.

The resort is close to Portland – just 90 minutes away – delivering a big mountain experience just outside the city. The resort sprawls across Mt. Hood’s southeast flank, the sunny, wind-protected side of Mt. Hood and features playful terrain that welcomes and challenges all levels of skiers and snowboarders.

Meadows offers more than 2,150 acres of pure enjoyment with eleven lifts, including five high-speed quads accessing the steeps of the front side bowls to the gentle slopes of the beginner runs, rising to its highest lift-served elevation of 7,300 feet. Legendary Heather Canyon offers endlessly steep pitches of powder into the spectacular Canyon. Plus there’s an additional 1,700 vertical feet for hikers who want to drop into the double blacks of Super Bowl above, bringing the total vertical available in just one run to almost 4,500 feet.

Located on Hwy 35, 67 miles east of Portland or 35 miles south of Hood River

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    February 6, 2021

    Terrible, rude service and staff

    The skiing looks great but the terrible service made us leave immediately. We oversaw purchasing lift passes in advance and they wouldn’t sell them to us at the counter (you could only buy them online). While we were trying to do so, an employee by name of Natkia kicked us out of the lodge and told us that we had to purchase the ticket outside, in the parking lot. “No loitering allowed”, she said. We’re trying to spend almost a thousand dollars and we’re loitering? If that’s how they treat their business, you should take your business elsewhere. I would recommend Timberline.

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    February 4, 2021
    Cory W

    If you are going to park an RV - READ THIS

    If you intend to stay in an RV read this! I have been skiing Mt Hood Meadows for over 30 years. In recent years management has changed and many of the employees have voiced "my job is no longer fun" and "this will be my last year because of "that" employee". Regardless, the terrain is still some of the best on the mountain. Recently I asked an employee about the RV policy. I did EXACTLY what that employee had told me was OKAY to do and in the morning I had to pay $300! to get a "traffic boot" removed from my truck or they were going to tow it and I would have to pay thousands. I quickly learned there was no discussion to be had, paid the fee, and tried to enjoy some skiing. I wrote the GM Greg Pack. I explained to him the situation. I received a reply which I appreciated and was even thanked for my professionalism. I never lost my cool with anyone as I knew this was simply a misunderstanding and there was NO WAY they would charge me $300 for doing EXACTLY what an employee told me to do. I was wrong! The parking manager Jess and GM Greg Pack made it very clear that me and my family don't matter to Mt Hood Meadows. I was even told that if we chose to never come back that there are hundreds of other people waiting to take my parking spot each and every day! This may be true, but you don't say that to your "guests!" All I can say is don't take an employee at their word, be sure to do your own research and certainly follow the RV rules to the letter as Mt Hood Meadows doesn't like RV's, their families or the fact they could fit multiple cars where our one vehicle parks! Its all about the money and Management has begin to make this evident in their policies, the people they put in positions of power and how they respond to their guests during a very challenging time in the world...

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    January 18, 2021

    Terrible customer service

    I have a pass from last year 2020. The year that never was. Hood closed due to Covid. I tried to contact them regarding my unused pass. Apparently I was a day late and $79 dollars short. I was told that no exceptions I would not be able to receive anything for my pass. I wrote to CEO Mathew Drake. Not a word of reply. Twenty years of supporting them. Good and bad snow. Not another day. Timberline all the way!! Plus Timberline is much more reasonably priced. Hood jacked their price in a COVID year???

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    October 1, 2020

    Bad customer service

    Bad customer service with the salespeople, we have been dealing with trying to buy season passes and found the service unacceptable.

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    March 17, 2020

    Not a powder day, but some great skiing

    I was in the area for a conference and wanted to get in a day of skiing. Fortunately I was able to do so before the conference, as it ended up getting cut short when social distancing requirements went into effect. A friend and I chose Mount Hood Meadows, based on the recommendation of some locals we met at a ski rental shop on the way out in Sandy, It was an excellent choice. There wasn't powder, and surfaces started out as mostly frozen granular. The scenery was already spectacular. By later morning, though the snow softened up everywhere, and we were very happy to find plenty of packed powder on the steeps into Heather Canyon. Walk-up pricing was higher than expected at $101 and we were taken aback when the ski check guy said it was an extra $6 per person, but in the end it was a fantastic day of skiing. The main disappointment was an overpriced and low-quality lunch from what seemed to be the only snack bar that was open.

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More information about Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Area

  • Acres of Terrain


  • Average Annual Snowfall

    430 inches

  • Base Lodge Elevation

    5,366 feet

  • Beginner Runs


  • Bottom Lift Elevation

    4,523 feet

  • Expert Runs


  • Intermediate Runs


  • Maximum Run Length

    3 miles

  • Night Skiing


  • Number of Runs


  • Top Lift Elevation

    7,300 feet

  • Total Lifts


  • Vertical Drop

    2,777 feet