The Mountain Works Bicycles and Beer on tap

This listing is provided by Union County Chamber of Commerce

The Mountain Works is La Grande’s local bike shop, ski shop, climbing supply, and skate shop. Whether you need a flat fixed, your skis tuned, to re-up on chalk or just want to have a beer and hang, they’ve got you covered. Weekly events to learn more, as well as Bike rentals, Cross Country Skis, SUP boards, and more!!

The shop has three rotating taps that features local brews from Side A, Barley Browns, Terminal Gravity and others.

The Mountain Works Bicycles has been a Trek Dealership since 1982. As a group the Metlen and Hartz families purchased the long standing Trek dealership in North Eastern Oregon in 2006 from a local family. They then continued the tradition of a family operation until the spring of 2011 when the Metlens moved onto retirement and a new business, Joseph Branch Railriders. 

The Hartz family; Whit, Mavis and Hazel, remain at the store. They firmly believe in how healthy, active choices result in a better life. They see the value of bicycles as a mode of primary transportation, a fitness tool and just old-fashioned fun. They enjoy and promote bicycling and other outdoor activities as healthy solo or group activities. They understand that not all individuals desire or are destined to be Olympic champions and that riding and playing styles are as varied as the rainbow.