Mud and Ankle Creek

If open country and solitude are what you desire, this is the hike for you

To access this trail, which is actually an old jeep road, turn to the east on the road directly across from the Riddle Brothers Road (1/8 mile southwest of South Steens campground). Follow the road 1 mile to the parking area (four- wheel drive recommended). Park your vehicle and hike east where you will soon encounter a gate. Beyond the gate, the trail begins. You will encounter many stream crossings along the the route that will be difficult, if not impassable, in early spring and early summer. Use caution. Many old spur roads branch off from the main route allowing exploration of the Ankle Creek Basin, the upper Donner and Blitzen Wild and scenic river, and the rim of Wildhorse Canyon for the really adventurous. Aspen groves, dense juniper stands and an abundance of wildlife are around every corner. 

Trail Rating is Moderate with an elevation gain of anywhere from 100 to 2,500 feet

Best time to hike: May – October.

Length: 7 miles to the Ankle Creek crossing one way