The Pub Course

Our delightful 18-hole, par-3 pitch-and-putt course (we call it the Pub Course) meanders beautifully through the property, offering splendid views and the chance to work on your short game. The course, featuring holes between 40 and 80 yards in length, was modeled after the fantasy course Burningbush, from Michael Murphy’s wonderful book, Golf in the Kingdom (a must read for golfers!). Don’t forget to stop on your way between the sixth and seventh holes to marvel at the “Garcia Bronze” a dramatic, tree-like sculpture honoring the late Grateful Dead guitarist, Jerry Garcia. After your pitch-and-putt round, visit our Club House located in the Distillery Bar. For tee times call: (503) 492-5442 or (503) 669-8610. If you forgot your pitching wedge and putter we have plenty to rent. Pub Course hours vary seasonally, so please call for more information Rates: $9 for nine holes/$14 for eighteen