Goodwin Creek Gardens

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At Goodwin Creek Gardens farm and nursery, they grow and sell a wide variety of plants. Over 125 types of lavender and more than 350 other perennial plants, including culinary herbs, traditional medicinal plants, pollinator plants, and permaculture favorite trees and shrubs, are propagated and grown in their organic greenhouses. In addition to live potted plants, they also grow many herbs on their farm, which are harvested and used to create teas, tinctures, and other botanical products.

Visitors are invited to explore their large selection of lavender and herbs, take a leisurely walk through the display gardens and observe the pollinators at work. Goodwin Creek Gardens also offers group classes and one-on-one consultations for lavender growing, permaculture design, soil health, regenerative farming, plant propagation, and other related topics. They are equipped to provide advice and assistance for those interested in organic farming, as well as those in need of a large number of lavender plants for their own farm.