The Art of Alfred A. Dolezal Gallery

The Art of Alfred A. Dolezal Gallery features eclectic oil paintings by the Austrian-born artist, and his symbolistic expressions are accompanied by an enlightening, descriptive narrative that guides the viewer to discover inherent tools to realize their fullest potential.

“Through my paintings and research, I envision a blueprint that illustrates the connectivity of all life and creates a model that will awaken the human potential for a conscious evolution. When you look at my artwork, I invite you to venture to explore another realm of possibilities where art is much more than just a painting.” — Alfred A. Dolezal

The gallery has numerous rooms displaying the artwork, along with the artists studio and a gift shop for purchasing limited edition prints, reproductions, books and so much more. The artist himself, when present, will give private tours enhancing visitors with an even deeper insight to his work.

The gallery also offers drawing and oil painting classes both for beginners and advanced. Private individual or group classes are available – create a personalized gift idea for your loved ones. Check out the website and call to reserve your date!