Portland Chamber Orchestra Presents The Mother and Child Union

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The Mother and Child Union: A Musical, Poetic, and Neuroscientific Journey

In this multi-media event, we celebrate mothers through a combination of classical and modern music, poetry, and a fascinating look into all the ways that motherhood changes the brains of both mothers and children throughout their lives. The program will be narrated by author, public speaker, and neuroscientist Dr. Larry Sherman, who will talk about how a mother’s brain changes during pregnancy and after birth, the neuroscience of the bonding that occurs in the brains of mothers and children, what happens when mothers sing to their children, and how a mother’s brain changes with their experiences with their children over the course of their lives. These discussions will be highlighted by music that celebrates motherhood and all of its wonders and challenges. The show will also highlight all of these concepts with readings of the poetry of Ann Taylor, Nikita Gill, Margaret Hasse, and Alice Walker, as well as visual art that celebrates mothers and their children, and illustrations that highlight the amazing changes that happen in mothers’ brains and the brains of their children as they bond and grow together.

This concert sponsored by the generous support of the Richard B. Siegel Foundation.