Great Gatsby’s Daisy: An Immersive Theatrical Event

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Experience Theatre Project proudly presents the world premiere of GREAT GATSBY’S DAISY, an immersive theatrical event, at the Beaverton Masonic Lodge in historic downtown Beaverton.

IMMERSE YOURSELF in 1922, in the heart of the jazz age and prohibition, where love and booze flow freely, and dreams of success and wealth are born and crushed. Great Gatsby’s Daisy follows the classic tragic story of Jay Gatsby as written by F. Scott Fitzgerald from a very unique perspective. Daisy’s version offers up insight on the paths of the main characters, and challenges the reliability of Nick Carraway as an impartial narrator. This critical adaptation offers a fresh new perspective on the “Great American Novel,” one you may find fresh, surprising, and dare we say, controversial.

Original music and sound tracking provide the background for this exciting new live immersive theater experience that takes you inside the story rather than watching it afar from a seat in a large auditorium. The intimate nature of the show will allow you to feel lost in the story and the characters, who will perform only inches away from you. Have a drink at the Miramar Club, relax inside the Buchanan Mansion, and of course, party with Gatsby at his palatial estate.

This immersive production will be presented in promenade fashion, where the audience moves from scene to scene, following the actors. 

Adapted and Directed by Alisa Stewart, based on the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Cast: Voni Kengla, Justin Heath, Richie Stone, Claire Elizabeth Grace, Rich Cohn-Lee, Tristan Boesch, Ariel Puls, Eric Island, and Lizbeth Santillan

Designers: Ethan Carleton, Sarah Reed, Alana Wight, Sam Dinkowitz, Allison Blaine, and Haneefah Dudley

Crew: Abby Shrader, Christie Quinn, Paul Roder, James Dixon, and Jason Weed