Chamber Music Northwest Summer Festival: Poetry in Music

Chamber Music Northwest (CMNW) folded in equal parts of much loved chamber music across the centuries with contemporary repertoire destined for glory, mixed in some of the most esteemed musicians performing in the world today, added a dash of poetry to bring out the beauty, and you’ve got a summer festival for all to savor.


June 24 & 25: Opening Night: Poetry in Music 

June 29: Schubert & Fauré: Masters of Lyricism 

July 1: CMNW Presents the Oregon Bach Festival: Magnificat

July 2 & 3: Voices of Schumann, Schubert & Brahms

July 5: [email protected]: Four Angles

July 6: Celebrating the Emerson Quartet with David Shifrin

July 8: Emerson Quartet Farewell with Gloria Chien

July 9 & 10: umama womama: Coleman, Lash & Ngwenyama

July 11: SPOTLIGHT RECITAL: Alexi Kenney & Soovin Kim

July 12: [email protected]: McGill, Goodyear & Catalyst 

July 13 & 15: UNCOVERED Voices 

July 16 & 17: David Ludwig’s “The Anchoress”

July 18: SPOTLIGHT RECITAL: Très Coloré et Élégant 

July 19: [email protected]: International Voices 

July 20 & 22: Viennese Revolutionaries 

July 23 & 24: Voices of the Soul featuring Fred Child 

July 25: SPOTLIGHT RECITAL: Viano Quartet

July 26: [email protected]: Protégés United 

July 27 & 29: FESTIVAL FINALE: American Masterworks 

Visit Chamber Music Northwest website to learn more about the artists, programs and to purchase tickets.