Coffin Races: Halloween-themed Soapbox Derby

The City of Eugene is putting on an inaugural Halloween-themed Soapbox Derby, with coffins set to race down Shelton McMurphey Blvd on the south side of Skinner Butte. The road will transform into a ghoulish racetrack full of fierce competition. Friends, families, businesses and those seeking glory are welcome to sign up a team to race in coffin-inspired cars. Any car with functional brakes and steering is good to compete, but dress it up as spooky as can be for frightful fun.

Heats will compete in one-on-one elimination races with one champion claiming victory. Other awards will be given as well, including "freshest coffin" and "best dressed team." The finish line is at 3rd Ave and Lincoln St where there will be live music, food and drinks, pumpkin carving and other Halloween-themed activities.

Ding Ding Cycles will help people with limited knowledge and/or time to build a competition-worthy car by producing "Starter Kits" that they will help participants construct. Kit includes a basic coffin, a steel substructure, wheels, steering column and brakes, and you can customize from there. Ding Ding Cycles will also provide day-of safety inspections on all competing coffins.