Linfield Art Gallery Presents: Skye Tafoya

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skye tafoya is an indigenous artist from the eastern band cherokee and santa clara pueblo tribes. her tribal heritage and lineage are significant components continuously present within her artwork. skye comes from a lineage of basket-weavers, both paternal and maternal, and also used to make red willow baskets with her dad. skye continues to use paper-weaving processes to honor her loved ones and ancestors. her meticulously crafted designs, patterns, prints, and weavings are influenced by basketry and contains themes of cultural teachings, cherokee language preservation, motherhood and personal & family narratives. skye creates with the intention of archiving, preserving and sharing stories, language, culture, and experiences.  

October 14 – November 18

Opening reception October 14 at 5:30 p.m.

More information coming soon