3rd Annual Holi Spring Harvest Fest

The 2022 and 2023 sold-out Holi Festivals were so much fun! The 3rd annual Holi Spring Harvest Fest featuring DJ Anjali & the Incredible Kid is going to be another great celebration with music, dancing, powder mischief, dance demonstrations and lessons, farm animals, farm goods, South Asian food, drinks and more. Come celebrate the spring harvest with Topaz Farm!

 This is Portland’s only Holi Festival featuring organic powder, direct from India, made from flowers, seeds and vegetables. Each ticket includes a small packet of powder and additional packets will be available for purchase on the farm.

 Vendors joining the celebration this year include Bar Carlo, Big Elephant Kitchen, Bhuna, Chaiwallah PDX, Kulfi PDX, Maruti, Masala Lab, and Siempreviva.

 Again, proceeds will benefit farmers in India. We’ve raised thousands for several organizations that help drought-affected farms in Maharashtra, assist agrarian distressed farms in Telegana and an organization that empowers women farmers throughout India.