The Queen’s Feast: Return of the Monarch

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The Queen’s Feast is an interactive dining experience where guests can feel a part of a traditional Renaissance feast! Throughout the dinner, courses will be presented theatrically and accompanied by a traditional madrigal song performed by a quartet of singers. Queen Elizabeth I and her court will also be announced with great flourish, as well as special guests like William Shakespeare and his King’s men! The Queen, of course, wants entertainment with her meal, so Master Shakespeare will present scenes from his latest work. A harpist will strum away beautiful music of the time, and other exciting acts will take place for the pleasure of the court.

But wait! A game is afoot. It seems a traitor that is close to the queen may cause things to go very awry. Find the traitor and stop a potential insurrection!

Dressing of the time period (1588) is requested but not required to maintain the spirit of the feast.