The Dalles Farmers Market

This listing is provided by The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce

The Dalles Farmers Market serves as a community hub where growers, producers, and consumers come together to celebrate the region’s abundance. Held every Saturday from June 1 to October 12, the market transforms City Park with colorful stalls and the aroma of freshly harvested produce.

Visitors can explore a wide array of fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers using sustainable practices. The market features crisp apples, juicy peaches, heirloom tomatoes, leafy greens, and root vegetables. In addition to seasonal produce, local artisans and food creators showcase handcrafted jewelry, pottery, home decor, baked goods, honey, preserves, and gourmet treats.

The market fosters a sense of community by providing a platform for visitors to engage with the people who grow and create their food and products. Shopping at the market supports local businesses and sustains the region’s agricultural heritage.

Live music, cooking demonstrations, and interactive workshops enhance the market experience, creating a lively atmosphere filled with conversations and connections. The Dalles Farmers Market invites everyone to enjoy the bountiful harvest and unique experiences offered each market day.