Broughton Bluff Guided Climb

This listing is provided by Explore Troutdale

Rock Haven Climbing is offering two guided top-rope climbing trips at Broughton Bluff, just across the Sandy River from Troutdale on Thursday, July 25 and Friday, August 9 from 4-8pm.

Meet on site at Lewis & Clark State Park. The friendly and knowledgeable guides bring the ropes and harnesses and will support your foray into climbing outside. No experience is necessary, just bring climbing shoes, snacks, water, and comfortable clothes for the outdoors. A picnic dinner is included.

These climbs are open to ages 18+, or ages 12+ if a parent or guardian is also registered and attending the trip. Call Rock Haven Climbing at 503-512-5511 with any questions.

Cost for members $115, non-members $125. Registration closes 2 weeks prior to trip date.