Weekender – Cycle Oregon

The two most fun-filled days of summer are back! Round up your crew and join Cycle Oregon at the campus of Oregon State University for amazing bike rides, jammin’ live music, friendly college vibes, and all the Corvallis-style fun you can fit into 48 hours. Sleep in the dorms, kick it in the quad, and explore the beautiful town and surrounding areas. It’s all about great rides and good friends. 

Day 1:

Adventurous individuals from far and wide will gather in Corvallis with only two things on their minds: riding bikes and having fun. We’ve got them covered on both accounts. On Day 1, riders choose from four ride routes ranging from mellow to seriously epic. They will venture past farmlands, orchards, and forests towards the Coast Range, doubling back from whence they came after an invigorating interlude at a cascading waterfall. After that, it’s back to campus for a frosty beverage, kicking back with the crew, and rocking out to live jams until the final encore. 

Day 2:

You’ve explored the grounds, had a taste of the party scene, and figured out how to score an extra dessert. Now it’s time, once again, to ride. Day 2 offers up 4 incredible, easy-cruising options traveling east from Corvallis through postcard-worthy farm country. Out here the scenery opens up into more grand, expansive views of the Willamette Valley with every pedal stroke. Once back at campus, between packing up and goofing off there will be plenty of time for hugs, high fives, and making plans to do it all again next year.

Visit Cycle Oregon website for route and registration information.