Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

One of the largest tulip and daffodil bulb farms in the Northwest.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm features 40 acres of color in bloom. Visitors can experience views of vineyards, distant mountains and gardens throughout the year.  Yearly events include the Tulip Festival, Pumpkin Festival, Fields of Terror, WS Winery and more.

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    December 6, 2023
    Jessica D

    Tremendous confusion about the goals

    Wooden Shoe is one of the most mismanaged farms I’ve visited, unfortunately. Why do they have a gift shop, wine tasting room and CBD product store open at the farm (which is not convenient to drive to) with not many visitors? There is potential for them to expand on their goals, but I think they need much better advising. They could sell their wonderful wine at local restaurants and wine stores (they could hire sales people on commission). They could also seek to sell their quality CBD products at wellness stores and through partnerships with influencers. They might also create a better e-commerce store to sell gifts, as I think people would enjoy ordering unique items as memories of the tulips. I’m not sure why nobody seems to know what is going on over there. They could create educational tours about tulips and farm techniques as well. Some of the people who work there are as rude as could be. If they aren’t making enough money from the tulip festival, they could raise the prices of the tickets to provide a better managed experience. It could be useful for them to focus on which goals would be most reasonable given their limited resources. Perhaps they could apply for some grants or seek free resources from local organizations. Take care.

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    September 25, 2023
    Linda O

    Oregon Girl’s Trip!

    As we were exploring the Canby area, we found this gem. It wasn’t tulip season, we just wanted to try the wines! Gayla was great! We had the best time tasting and chatting with her. It was like running into an old friend! The gift shop is filled with cute items, could have spent a fortune! Found some wonderful happies for friends and family! We really enjoyed our time spent here!

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    July 27, 2023
    Summer B

    Who is in charge of what?

    While I’m sure the flowers are beautiful to visit, I think the farm has a lot of problems with realistically trying to work through their various projects. They have created some interesting products but it seems kind of random in terms of how they plan to distribute them. They keep discussing different plans and ideas, and leadership is mysteriously absent. I couldn’t tell who was in charge of what. Many people who worked there seemed unhappy and defensive. I think they need help in terms of figuring out how to manage the interest in their farm that has grown over the years.

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    May 8, 2023

    Colors Galore

    Apprehensive since the seasons were a bit delayed. Although some of the arrangements are makeshift it is a spot worth visiting. Tulips stunning display in many colors most of them had bloomed and presented a sea of yellows, white red and pinks in various shades. Arrangements for parking access are very good. We went just a day after rains and the site was a bit muddy .The farm had spread (probably) nut shells in areas so that we could walk. Display of steam tractors(live display), Large colored kites made ita exhilarating vist. Good cafeteria and no of tents selling foodstuff ,handicrafts , also a set of typical funfair games for children to enjoy. Worth a visit for the family.

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    April 30, 2023


    WARNING ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS!!!! Horrible place with rude employees. I bought tickets to come here and take pictures. I did not know you "couldn't" fly your drone. The employees came out screaming at me cause I tried to take pictures, then lectured me saying it's a law you can't fly over people and they care about "safety". First of all, you can fly over people or you would not be able to fly over any city or town. The faa means directly over people. Also you guys aren't the faa, why do you care? The owners and employees are power tripping. They just take your money and are mean. If you care so much get the faa to make a no fly zone like over an airport. No reason to treat your customers like crap come out screaming. You could of nicely asked me to stop and told me the rules. I did not know. Your website says nothing on the front page about that. You guys are mean, power tripping, and money hungry. I suggest people visit the FREE rose garden in portland over these awful people.

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