William Case Farm

This listing is provided by North Marion Tourism Collaborative

Originally built 1859 by famed Willamette Valley pioneer William Case, the Case House and garden represent the technological and aesthetic wave that swept across the West as part of America’s manifest destiny during the middle to late 19th century. After decades of neglect, the house was restored and Landscape Architect Wallace Kay Huntington and his wife, interior designer Mirza Dickel, designed a garden in the early 1980’s. KLA principal Steven Koch carried on their vision of historical restoration and preservation of the 6.8-acre property when he purchased it from Wallace Kay Huntington in 2013. Steven sold the property after the restoration was complete. Many of the improvements Steven made around the property were completed directly in concert with Wallace, spending hours in the garden together discussing layout, plantings, and inspiration. The improvements took place slowly yet methodically, each taking a season or more to ensure a harmonious and seamless composition within the rest of the site