Nyberg Chestnut – Heritage Tree

John Nyberg, a young Swedish immigrant came to Oregon in 1895 and planted 150 trees – including this chestnut – on his property along the Tualatin River.

The building of the Interstate-5 freeway in the early 1950s destroyed most of those trees. But when the bull-dozer came to topple the chestnut, John Nyberg stood in front of the tree and successfully stopped the bulldozer.

The I-5 freeway was being widened in 1972 and again, the chestnut tree was scheduled for removal. This time, John’s son Clayton Nyberg went to Governor Tom McCall and others and received special permission to let the tree remain beside the off-ramp. This tree had been well loved and protected from the threat of urban expansion.

Located at Exit 289, southbound, between exit ramp and I-5