Bald Hill Park

This park is one of the largest tracts of oak woodland that is open to the public in the mid-Willamette Valley. Oak savanna remnants are managed for rare endemic plant species; other habitats include mixed conifer/maple forest, riparian woodlands, creek, pastures and fields. The site offers a wide variety of birds along with splendid views and hiking on 10 mi of trails. Oak-associated species that nest here include Western Scrub-Jay, White-breasted Nuthatch, Chipping Sparrow, Western Wood-Pewee, Western Bluebird, House Wren, Lazuli Bunting, Black-throated Gray Warbler, Purple Finch, and Lesser Goldfinch. Acorn Woodpecker has not yet been recorded on site but is reliably found just across 53rd St from the fairgrounds. Swainson’s Thrush, Pacific-slope Flycatcher, Yellow-breasted Chat and Oregon Vesper Sparrow can be found in adjoining habitats. Raptors, including hawks and eagles, use thermals over the butte. Additional species including warblers and sparrows occur in migration.

From the stoplight at 53rd St/Harrison/Walnut/Oak Creek Dr, either (1) go S 0.3 mi on 53rd St and turn R into the parking lot for the Benton County Fairgrounds, where the paved Midge Cramer Memorial Path leads to Bald Hill from the W end of the lot; or (2) go W 0.9 mi on Oak Creek Dr and turn L into parking lot at Oak Creek access. Transit: Corvallis Bus Route C3 stops at 53rd St and Reservoir Rd (limited service times); walk N 0.25 mi to fairgrounds.