The Ruddy Duck

The foundation of The Ruddy Duck brand is built on curiosity, travel, movement and adventure. Their offering is inspired by where thet live, alternating between their piney pocket in the great Northwest and the lush jungles of Maui’s North Shore. Offering fashion, function and freedom of expression, The Ruddy Duck goal is to clothe you with the wardrobe and decor that matches your own unique pursuit of happiness.

The Ruddy Duck lifestyle has a brick and mortar store run by multiple generations of women from the same family. The store opened in 2006 and is located in the historical heart of downtown Hood River, Oregon in a 3,000 square foot house built in the 1890s. There you’ll discover a unique variety of clothing, shoes, accessories, gifts, textiles and home décor for women, men and kids. Come by and get to know the rest of our story. In addition to The Ruddy Duck, they run an ice cream store on the same corner and it is worth a trip just to get a huckleberry milkshake from Mike’s Ice Cream.