Silver Falls Terrariums

This listing is provided by North Marion Tourism Collaborative

 Hello, I am Gregg. I am the owner of Silver Falls Terrariums. I planted my first terrarium nearly 50 years ago. That is when I learned how to carefully fold the plants and feed them through the narrow opening of a cider
jug. I was amazed at how they became more beautiful over time. Terrariums have taught me that life is a set of mutually beneficial relationships where each part does well for itself simply by doing well for others. That is the way I try to live my life. Over the years, I have planted thousands of terrariums and taught hundreds of classes—I love sharing the wonder of God’s creation with others through my terrariums. Come visit our little shop here in Silverton, Oregon, just 45 minutes south of Portland and close by the Oregon Garden and Silver Falls State Park. People often describe our shop as magical. However, it is actually miraculous. This is all part of God’s creation. I just rearrange and put on display some of what He originally made. The shop is filled with
tropical plants, live mosses, colorful tree frog and interesting rocks. It also offers gorgeous glass containers of every shape and size. It is a whimsical place. A sacred place. A peaceful place to sit down and visit a while. Let’s swap a few stories. I hope to see you here soon. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Gregg Harris, Owner & Master Terrarium Planter