Pure Stoke

Pure Stoke has been in business for 34 years – you may be familiar with them by their former name, 2nd Wind Sports.

Pure Stoke has the same owners, the same great in-store consignment program, the same pledge to excellent customer service, the same 4-season Gorge sports Outfitter, and is in the same location.

So, why did they change their name if everything is essentially the same? They changed the name because they have outgrown the former name of 2nd Wind Sports, and are so much more than what comes to mind when you think of 2nd Wind Sports.

2nd Wind Sports has evolved over the last 34 years into a 4-season premium outdoor retailer, equipping you with not just gear for the wind and not just 2nd hand gear. 

In the summer Pure Stoke features everything you need for kiteboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, windsurfing, camping, hiking and skateboarding as well as all the local knowledge plus hands-on gear knowledge that you want to know.

In the winter they turn their attention to downhill skiing, cross-country and skate skiing as well as snowboarding and back-country accessing gear with avalanche safety equipment, winter camping gear, snowshoes, and all the books.