Grit & Grace Apothercary

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Late one night an anxious mother found herself scrolling online desperate to find any remedy for her son’s chronic illness. Modern allopathic medicine had him on daily steroids, anti-inflammatories, rescue inhalers, and nebulizer treatments. Yet these medications only masked the symptoms for short periods of time. It was during this late night binge session that she watched video after video on medicinal herbs and their healing properties. Not only could his symptoms subside but these plants could potentially heal his lungs and strengthen them to the point of no longer needing treatment. That night sparked a fire to learn more about these incredible plants our God so graciously gifted us. I am that mother, Amanda Baird. I founded Grit & Grace Apothecary with the aim of providing exceptional herbal products for every person based on their own personal need. Since that fire of passion was lit, I have studied with numerous teachers and herbal schools to develop my skills as an Herbalist. It is my deepest honor to work alongside you to form a deeply personalized plan of care.