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Give the Gift of Oregon

Add these Oregon-made gifts to your holiday shopping list.
November 18, 2020

Bust out the eggnog and “Jingle Bells” playlists, the holiday season is upon us. And for many, that means it’s time to make your shopping list. If that sounds a bit daunting, not to worry: You don’t have to look far to find handmade and thoughtfully curated gifts in Oregon.

Out here, we have gifts for every interest – from tasty treats made with locally sourced ingredients to guided tour experiences through the state’s most scenic landscapes (and everything in between). While you can’t be with all your loved ones during the pandemic, you can certainly show your love with a piece of Oregon.

This year hasn’t been easy for local businesses, and they need your support now more than ever. Make an impact with your dollar and give the gift of Oregon. You’ll be glad you did. Here are some ideas, based on the interests of the special person in your life.

A hand reaches for Lebanese food.

Gifts for Food and Drink

Oregonians are unapologetically passionate about food and drink. It’s no wonder, considering the amazing natural ingredients at our disposal. For the foodie in your life, check out these flavor-packed gift ideas made by Oregon’s brilliant culinary artisans.

A masked cyclists grabs their bikes off a shuttle truck.

Gifts for the Outdoors

From coastal headlands to alpine peaks, Oregon’s vast landscapes offer a welcomed respite. And where there are trails and rivers, you’ll find nature-loving Oregonians playing outside. For the outdoorsy friend, help them gear up with these adventurous gift ideas.

A glassblower puts a flame to their art in progress.

Gifts for Arts and Culture

Oregonians value self-expression, and it shows in our support of the arts. Our local theaters, museums and art exhibits illuminate the state’s diverse cultural heritage and history. For your loved one who loves arts and culture, enrich their life with these vibrant gift ideas.

A family sits on a hotel bed.

Gifts for Future Travel

Within a few hours’ drive, Oregonians have access to forests and mountains, high desert and wine country, wild rivers and public coastline. And around every corner is a welcoming place to stay and make your basecamp. For those dreaming of a vacation, try these relaxing gift ideas.

A masked customer tries on a scarf while another makes a purchase.
During the two-week statewide freeze, retail stores are limited to a maximum of 75% capacity. (Photo by Andrea Johnson)

Shopping During COVID-19

Oregon stores are open and welcome your business. New COVID-19 guidelines by the Oregon Health Authority make shopping in person safe, giving you peace of mind. During the two-week statewide freeze, retail stores are limited to a maximum of 75% capacity. If you’d rather not shop in person, many stores offer online shopping and curbside pickup. Remember to wear a face covering indoors and outdoors when physical distancing isn’t possible (it’s required), and pay attention to signs that may indicate direction of traffic.

Two people look at a snowy mountain.
Give a gift that transports your friend to a special place in Oregon.

Ways to Shop Local Online

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