Folly Farm

This listing is provided by Visit Eastern Oregon

Folly Farm is a gathering place for people looking to develop heirloom vegetables, along with an incredible seedbank. It’s a way of life, preserving old, hearty heirloom fruits and veggies. We promote home-gorwn self-reliance in people, we love cultivating and sharing seeds, and most of all we nuture fellowship among home agriculturists in Eastern Oregon.

The micro-farm and you-pick garden focuseds on gourmet garlic and open-pollinated heirloom vegetables. The host recommends you schedule an appointment for your first visit, and they’ll show you how things work. Through growing season, May through October most years, the micro-farm is open during the day for you-pick kitchen veggeis, and by appointment for garlic, canned goods, and bulk harvests when available.

*One of the many stops along the Grande Ronde Farm Trail