Oards Indian Art Museum

A must visit for lovers of Native American art, jewelry, and gifts. FREE antique museum, featuring an amazing collection of clocks. Open 7 days a week. from 830 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Oards has been in business for 135 years and has had 3 generations at the helm. James and Mavis’ daughter has now taken over the business  Located 23 miles East of Burns at the northern end  of of the Great Harney Basin, the free museum evolved from Mavis’. collection of  Indian antiques, dishes, furnishings, clocks, dolls, and more. Her great- grandparents settled in this area in 1872. Over the years they expanded the store to accommodate the growing collection of Indian art offered for sale. Authentic pieces of pottery, jewelry,ceremonial sand paintings, registered scrimshaw, Navajo rugs, and Indian crafts from southwest, midwest, and local Paiute tribes fill the cases and walls of the store. The collection of Paiute Indian cradleboards is the largest in existence..