The Retreat & Links at Silvies Valley Ranch

Silvies Valley Ranch is an ecologically sustainable Western livestock ranch and guest retreat with abundant herds of healthy wildlife. In many ways, it sets the standard for the nation in best ranching and environmental practices. Made up of 140,000 acres of deeded and leased National Forest and BLM lands in and surrounding Silvies Valley, the property is home to mountain meadows, Ponderosa Pine forest, the Silvies River and 12 other named creeks and drainages. The Ranch prides itself on quality, freedom, efficiency and responsibility, operating under these principles at all times.

The Retreat & Links at Silvies Valley Ranch is a 34-room eco-resort, complete with luxurious accommodations, fine dining, a conference center, full-service fitness center and spa. The property offers an incomparable golf experience for players of all skill levels, with two reversible 18-hole courses – the Hankins and Craddock Courses, McVeigh’s Gauntlet, a stunning 7-hole ridge course, and Chief Egan, a mountain meadow 9-hole par 3 course. Merging lodge and spa amenities with an amazing, diverse golf experience, intertwined with an authentic Western ranch, Silvies Valley Ranch is the ultimate retreat. Each and every stay brings the experience of a lifetime – visit and be Simply Amazed.