Yoga with Perumal

Embark on an invigorating Yoga with Perumal adventure in Oregon’s nature-rich landscapes, where ancient wisdom meets outdoor thrills. With a 30-year teaching legacy, Perumal Koshy invites you to join a transformative journey seamlessly blending wellness and adventure. Practice yoga surrounded by lush forests, flowing rivers, and breathtaking vistas.

Adventure Wellness ranging from Freedive Yoga to Cycle Yoga Retreats. For spa-like experiences, Spa Yoga Concepts combine traditional yoga with contemporary spa elements. Indulge in the exclusivity of Private Lessons tailored to your wellness needs or create a group yoga class, accommodating all levels and constraints.

Perumal Koshy’s journey, from teaching under a Kung-Fu master in Los Angeles to becoming a yoga teacher in Kerala, India, is reflected in his nonrigid sequences. His approach emphasizing controlled, gradual movements has been successfully taught in Italy, to Morocco and Caribbean. Numerous international yoga journals published Yoga with Perumal while global seminars showcased the method.

Perumal’s classes stand out for fostering flow and achieving meditation in movement. Grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually while connecting with others. Contact Yoga with Perumal for more details.