Tidewind Sportfishing

Enjoy charter fishing in the Port of Brookings-Harbor.

The Port of Brookings is noted to be one of the safest harbors along the coast due to the direction it faces. The Port of Brookings-Harbor is also located in a cove, which gives Tidewind Sportfishing an opportunity to fish when often times others can’t. A morning fishing trip is predictably fishable. Later morning trips are available, weather permitting, for those who prefer a later start to the day.

The captains and crew are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful and strive everyday to give you the best experience possible.

Owned and operated by Kyle Aubin, and located at the Port of Brookings-Harbor, Tidewind Sportfishing is the angler’s choice. Not only is their crew experienced and helpful, but their captains hold 100-ton Master Certifications and the vessels are U.S. Coast Guard inspected annually.