Can you recommend a Mt. Hood hike after we go to Mirror Lake?

Since you’re already planning on hiking Mirror Lake, I’d recommend continuing up Hwy 26 for about 30 more minutes to Timberline Lodge and jumping on the Timberline Trail.  The trail itself circumnavigates all the way around Mt. Hood and is approximately 40 miles long, but you could hike out as far as you’d like, and then return.  Mirror Lake meanders through the forest and gives you a distance view of Mt. Hood, but the timberline trail gets you right up in Mt. Hood’s face: you’ll be close enough to inspect her wrinkles, dimples, and imperfections.  And the bonus:  Timberline lodge is a historic site built by the CCC as part of the New Deal after the Great Depression.  It’s absolutely worth a visit and perhaps a bite or brew!