Oregon in Bloom

Stop and admire the flowers
March 11, 2018

Oregon spring trails can lead you through rows of colorful tulips or to sunny wildflower meadows.

The race to discover what’s in bloom with each new week is part of what makes the season so special. You’ll unexpectedly notice the first cherry blossom or trillium bloom, and suddenly the blankets of bright colors will be everywhere: tulips, peonies, irises, dahlias, lavender, rhododendrons, roses and more. All those colorful blooms lead to even more spectacular spring moments: after all, this is also the season of wine, waterfalls and whales. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Oregon

Flower Festivals

Get your fix of gorgeous blossoms throughout the state at these spring flower festivals.

5 Waterfall & Wildflower Hikes

When winter’s chill takes a hike, leaving carpets of flowers and swollen streams in its wake, that’s your cue to take a hike, too, and soak in all that springtime beauty. These 5 hikes offer the best of both worlds.

Top Things to Do in Oregon This Spring

You can sport your favorite T-shirt, but wear an insulated raincoat and expect to be dazzled as the state bursts with colors. Here’s everything you need to start planning your spring trip in Oregon.

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Wildflower Hot Spots

Sahalie Falls
McKenzie Bridge, Willamette Valley
Mosier Plateau Trail
Wallowa Lake State Park
Tire Mountain Trailhead
Mt. Hood
Three Sisters
Munson Creek Falls State Natural Site
Hood River Valley Blossom Time
April 1 - 30, 2018

Trip Ideas

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