People have asked about the best way to see the trails in the Oakridge/Westfir area. You could buy a guide book or call Oregon Adventures for shuttle and/or guide services. For this blog, however, I am going to shamelessly plug one of the events I promote: Mountain Bike Oregon (MBO).

Before you hit that “home page” button, please read on and find out what this event does for our community and mountain biking in general.

Mountain Bike Oregon (MBO) is all about a sense of community. MBO is the ultimate mountain bikers’ community party complete with riding, meals, shuttles, outdoor company expo, demo bikes, stunts area, entertainment and a beer garden to top it all off. MBO is also about helping the Oakridge/Westfir area community. In 2006, MBO paid around $20,000 to local charities. In 2007 we will be donating to even more charities.

A major bike company rep said it best when describing MBO: “MBO is the best thing to happen to mountain biking in years, because bike events and companies focus too much on racers and MBO is an event for everyone.”

If you want a chance to ride all the best trails in the area and be guided by the locals that know the trails inside and out, then MBO is for you. The fee includes EVERYTHING! Rides, shuttles, food and beer! You will ride great trails, and take out a demo bike from one of the many bike companies that attend.

Below is a list of charities we will donate to in 2007. We could not succeed without these groups, as they provide the people that help make MBO a great event.

City of Oakridge Park Fund
Green Waters Park is home base for MBO, so we feel it is important to give back to our local parks fund.

Kiwanis cooks all of our dinners. In addition, they spent part of the money they earned in 2006 to buy 200 helmets for local kids. They also help with many other projects in our area that benefit a variety of people and causes.

Moose Lodge
Moose cooks all of our breakfasts. Some of these funds help childrens’ charities and other local events, such as our annual 4th of July Fireworks Show though the Moose Lodge.

Oakridge Library

Oakridge is getting a new library 5 times the size of our current very small library, and grants funds to cover the cost of the building (there is a donation fund to buy more books).

Booster Club
Local kids help at MBO.
The funds are used to help a number of teams and activities from band to football.

Grad Night
Grad night is a safe and fun way for high school seniors to have a final trip together.
Kids and parents of the class of 2007 helped in 2006.
Kids and parents of the class of 2008 will help in 2007.

Sadly our pre-school has lost summer school funding, so the Pre-school parents will help this summer to help keep the school open.

Police Reserves
Police reserves handle the security required as part of our insurance policy.
Some of those officers are mountain bikers themselves.
As reserve officers, they have to pay for many of their own law enforcement items, and our donations help offset that cost.

The idea of MBO came to me many years ago. I wanted to start my mountain biking tour company in the early 1990’s, but the mills in the Oakridge area had just closed and some in the area blamed outdoor enthusiasts such as mountain bikers. Fast-forward to 1999 and things were changing. Mountain biking was starting to become more popular in Oakridge/Westfir and businesses started to notice. That year I came up with the idea of “Mountain Bike Week”, but I didn’t really have a good budget to promote the event and it flopped. I always knew it would work with the right backing. Fast forward to 2004: I finally got the Portland area promoter Porter Childs (Reach the Beach, Downtown Crit, and other events) to come to Oakridge, so I could show him the vision of what would become MBO. We rode 5 trails in two days, by the 2nd trail he was hooked, while riding the next 3 trails and staying up until 4am we talked about all the details and we agreed to launch “Single Track Camp”. This was the name I wanted to use for MBO, but after time Porter and others got me to agree with the name Mountain Bike Oregon. MBO couldn’t have happened without Porter, who invested tens of thousands of his personal money into the event because he saw the vision. River City Bicycles in Portland and Fat Tire Ale also invested money into the event.

Mountain Bike Oregon could not have happened without the support of our local Mountain Bike Club Disciples of Dirt (DOD). They maintain hundreds of miles of trails and they are guides at MBO (they make sure the riders get around safely). THEY ARE ROCK STARS! We can’t thank them enough.

The first MBO was held in 2005 and we had 38 people attend, as did some major bike companies with the factory rigs full of demo bikes, and there were more guides then riders. The riders came from over 10 states and they had a blast. They told lots of other people and posted on sites like, and news of the event spread like wildfire. In 2006, the event sold out with 300 riders from 20 states. Bikers traveled from as far as Maine and Florida and many states between. Since the event sold out in 2006 we decided rather than increasing the number of riders at one event, we wanted to keep MBO capped at 300 riders plus guides and industry people. We decided to promote two MBO’s in 2007. Because of the success of the event both the City of Oakridge and Lane County, Oregon have given us tourism grant funds from room tax funds to support the 2007 MBO’s.

We hope you will join us in supporting our community and MBO.


Randy Dreiling
Porter Childs
Everyone involved with MBO

Mt. Bike Oregon

“Great experience. This festival had all the bases covered and the riding was top-notch. Keep the free beer and I’ll keep coming two time zones to ride.”
– Moose, from 2 time zones away from Oakridge

“Awesome event! Everything was perfect: the venue; the guides; the
relaxed, low-key environment, the phenomenal trails; the beer…
I’ve already told numerous friends and I’ll be back, for sure, next year! Thanks for a great, memorable weekend!”
– Carol, San Jose

“Dirty faces, big smiles”
– Jesus, Redline Bikes

“Great job! Great area! Great food! And best of all great new
– Don Lincoln, California

“Awesome rides (especially Middle Fork) and a great bunch of guides. I’ve had the time of my life – I’ll be back.”
– Eric Snohomish, Washington

“I had a lot of fun even though I snapped my fork.
I’ll be back.”
– Craig, California

“Thank you for all the great rides; I never knew mountain biking could be so much fun.”
– Don, Eugene

“The eight hour drive? It was nothing. I would drive hours more for the amazing singletrack and friends I’ve experienced this weekend. I loved every moment on the bike and in camp. This rocks.”
– Joshua, Californa

“Excellent. We’ll be back and we’ll bring more people. Recommend for anybody.
Good rides, perfect time of year”.
– Wayne, Fall Line Sports

“It’s about the people and relationships you develop. I’m so inspired by all these guys. I’m bringing my wife and son next year.”
– Scott, Idaho

“We’ve been on the road since February doing all the events and this is one of the coolest”
– Mike, Ellsworth Bikes

“I’m impressed, really impressed. Really good people”
– Jay, mechanic, River City Bicycles

“You want to mountain bike? I mean you want to really do some mountain biking?
You gotta do MBO.
– Bob, Eugene

“We had never mountain biked before; now we’re
– Sarah, Portland

Trail Facts

Riders: 400

Furthest Distance Traveled: 3,400 miles

Miles Ridden: 32,452 miles

Kegs Consumed in the Beer Garden: 18

Riders Who Said MBO Was a Good Value: 98%

Riders Would Support Sponsors Because of Their MBO Affiliation: 75%

Women / Men: 18% / 82%

Average Age: 39

Oldest Rider: 70 (two of them)

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  1. Paul Dixon says…

    A big thank you to Randy. Without MBO I almost certainly wouldn’t be into mountain biking. My friends and I are in our 4th year now.

    I really should be saying horrible things to try to scare everyone away (it sells out now), but Randy’s such a nice guy he – and the area – deserve all the success they can get.

    Did he mention they have free beer!

    Written on July 13th, 2011 / Flag this Comment
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