Middle North Falls

Middle North Falls

Now that the sun has finally begun to poke through the clouds, the weather is just about perfect for an afternoon hike. And I’ve found that even if the weather is unpredictable, Silver Falls is still worth the trip.

I hadn’t been back to Silver Falls for a number of years, but I had many fond memories of family bbq’s and hikes with my cousins in the summer time. I also remember traveling through a number of scenic byways as a child- yet I seem to appreciate Oregon’s beauty much more now that I am an adult! If you have some extra time during your hiking excursion, check out the Silver Falls Tour Route. You will encounter even more gorgeous scenery.

Anyway, back to the hike. I left Salem on a saturday afternoon with my hiking expert/counterpart, during what appeared to be a sunny afternoon. When we arrived in Silverton, however, the ground was covered with snow! It looked like we had just stepped into Christmas.

Not to be defeated by the winter weather, we surged on, geared up and hit the main waterfall trail. The snow seemed to have melted almost entirely when we began our trek, and the sun began to shine through the raindrops that occasionally fell from the trees. The waterfalls made an incredible roaring sound as we walked behind them, and the rock formations behind each waterfall were incredible. And not to mention the views: there are trees as far as the eye can see, and the waterfalls themselves create little pools below that make the trails very serene.

As soon as we passed the first waterfall, we heard a faint buzzing and watched a hummingbird with a bright red belly fly through the flowers. A little later on we also saw a chipmunk scurrying around a fallen log, which was so adorable! The wildlife definitely made my day.

By the time we reached the last mile of our trail, snow began pouring down and covering the path in front of us. When we returned to the car, there was at least two full inches of snow stuck to the ground. It was quite entertaining to see a little bit of spring and winter in the same day!

Silver Falls is a beautiful place to hike, bike or even have a picnic with the family. I would highly recommend visiting as soon as you can. This location will also be excellent in the summer, as the mist from the waterfalls will keep you nice and cool. For more information on visiting Silver Falls, please visit our Outdoor Recreation section.

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