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Offers the fare of a steak and seafood house, including a number of dishes that have signature Northwest cuisine flavor and presentation. Chef Brigette Romeo, a graduate of Horst Magers Culinary Institute and long time Mt. Hood area resident brings over twenty years of culinary experience. Using fresh local products when in season, and the creation of a menu that reflects Northwest tastes. Stop by and find out what the locals already know.<\/p>","post_name":"still-creek-inn-lounge","post_type":"resource","slug":"eat-drink","name":"Eat & Drink","lat":"45.3282","lng":"-121.91","distance":"0.1","permalink":"\/see-do\/eat-drink\/restaurants\/american\/still-creek-inn-lounge\/","terms":"a Restaurant<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Eat & Drink<\/a>)"},{"ID":"115659","post_title":"Mt. Hood Roasters Coffee Company Tours","post_content":"

Mt. Hood Roasters is wonderful example of experiential tourism and combines elements of historical, cultural, agricultural and culinary tourism. Mt. Hood Roasters offers daily tours and coffee roasting opportunities – in 45 minutes, guests know more about coffee than 99.9% of the world and get to enjoy several “hands-on” experiences. The tour includes lessons on the world’s second most traded commodity, product sustainability practices, discussions on local vs. organic foods, the story of coffee from green beans to the cup, coffee roasting demonstrations and, because of the unique location… Oregon pioneer history. The location of the facility near an important Oregon pioneer cut-off trail allows the tour leader an opportunity to weave local geography and historical notes into the tour.<\/p>\r\n

Owned by the Applegates, a respected Oregon pioneer family name, the facility is located adjacent to the Barlow Trail. The compound hosts the roasting facility, the family home built in 1926 and a cottage. Bringing together home, roasting facility and guest lodging on one property is unique. There are no other known coffee companies like this in Oregon.<\/p>","post_name":"mt-hood-roasters-coffee-company-tours","post_type":"resource","slug":"eat-drink","name":"Eat & Drink","lat":"45.3279","lng":"-121.91","distance":"0.2","permalink":"\/see-do\/eat-drink\/restaurants\/american\/mt-hood-roasters-coffee-company-tours\/","terms":"a Sustainable Travel<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Recreation<\/a>)"},{"ID":"453","post_title":"Skyway Bar and Grill","post_content":"

The Skyway Bar and Grill is a roadhouse-style place featuring Chef Hornor's classic American barbeque with an Oregon spin.<\/p>","post_name":"skyway-bar-and-grill","post_type":"resource","slug":"eat-drink","name":"Eat & Drink","lat":"45.3383","lng":"-121.925","distance":"1.3","permalink":"\/see-do\/eat-drink\/restaurants\/american\/skyway-bar-and-grill\/","terms":"a Restaurant<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Eat & Drink<\/a>)"},{"ID":"567","post_title":"Zig Zag Inn","post_content":"

The historic ZigZag Inn is a family run restaurant that continues to be a favorite among local and visting families. One of many gems of the Mt. Hood area, the picturesque ZigZag Inn was built of hand cut logs in the grand northwest architectural style of William Lenz in the late 1920's.Offering casual, affordable family dining in a lodge-like atmosphere with antler chandeliers.<\/p>","post_name":"zig-zag-inn","post_type":"resource","slug":"eat-drink","name":"Eat & Drink","lat":"45.3468","lng":"-121.959","distance":"3.9","permalink":"\/see-do\/eat-drink\/restaurants\/american\/zig-zag-inn\/","terms":"a Restaurant<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Eat & Drink<\/a>)"},{"ID":"14248","post_title":"Wild About Game","post_content":"

The best chefs in the Pacific Northwest, James Beard Award nominees, TV personalities and celebrity cookbook authors as well as local ranchers and farmers will gather together on September 18, 2011 for the 11th Annual Nicky USA Wild About Game event from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. at The Resort at the Mountain. The festival will sizzle with the exciting Wild About Game Cook-off, pitting chef against chef in an all-star lineup to see who can create the most delicious and creative dish with Nicky USA sourced game birds and meats from local family farms and ranches. To add to the challenge, the event will be an exciting Iron Chef style black box competition with each chef blind to the type of ingredients they will be using in the cook-off. <\/p>","post_name":"wild-about-game","post_type":"resource","slug":"eat-drink","name":"Eat & Drink","lat":"45.3379","lng":"-121.964","distance":"4.1","permalink":"\/see-do\/eat-drink\/oregon-food-trips\/wild-about-game\/","terms":"an Oregon Food Trip<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Events<\/a>)"}]},"success":true,"html":""}