{"results":{"recreation":[{"ID":"9090","post_title":"Great Exp Hunting Preserve","post_content":"","post_name":"great-exp-hunting-preserve","post_type":"resource","slug":"recreation","name":"Recreation","lat":"44.6504","lng":"-119.573","distance":"8.7","permalink":"\/see-do\/recreation\/guides-charters-recreation\/hunting\/great-exp-hunting-preserve\/","terms":"a Hunting Guide<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Recreation<\/a>)"},{"ID":"57890","post_title":"John Day River-Lower","post_content":"","post_name":"john-day-river-lower","post_type":"resource","slug":"recreation","name":"Recreation","lat":"44.4739","lng":"-119.536","distance":"9.1","permalink":"\/see-do\/natural-wonders\/bodies-of-water\/rivers\/john-day-river-lower\/","terms":"a River<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Recreation<\/a>)"},{"ID":"6472","post_title":"Table Rock Trail","post_content":"It overlooks the Little Malheur River to the south and views of the Unity area can be seen to the east. Wildflowers and herds of deer and elk are the main attractions, although the Monument Rock and other rock formations are also unique.","post_name":"table-rock-trail","post_type":"resource","slug":"recreation","name":"Recreation","lat":"44.476","lng":"-119.51","distance":"10.6","permalink":"\/see-do\/recreation\/hiking\/table-rock-trail\/","terms":"a Hiking<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Recreation<\/a>)"},{"ID":"7720","post_title":"Apple Trail","post_content":"Apple Trail parallels ridge routes followed by the historic Mascall Stock Driveway and the Paulina-Dayville Wagon Road (Apple Road) through open grass and shrubland, and mixed conifer forest. Most grades are moderate, with some steep pitches. Trail is maintained every year to primitive standards. Horse travelers can plan loop trips of various lengths using other trails and lightly traveled forest roads to return to their starting point. Use caution when sharing roads with motor vehicles.","post_name":"apple-trail","post_type":"resource","slug":"recreation","name":"Recreation","lat":"44.3761","lng":"-119.778","distance":"17.1","permalink":"\/see-do\/recreation\/hiking\/apple-trail\/","terms":"a Hiking<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Recreation<\/a>)"},{"ID":"6690","post_title":"Rock Creek Trail","post_content":"Descending from the Potter Meadow Trailhead to cross the bouldery, perennial Rock Creek on a wood footbridge, Rock Creek Trail then descends with the stream for approximately 2\u00bc miles between willow and alder thickets, dense lodgepole pine forest, and onto open ponderosa pine slopes. Two and a half miles from the trailhead, the trail begins to follow the E.O.Waterman mining ditch, built in the late 1800s. With rough footing, but an easy grade along the ditch bank, the trail route contours out onto the steep Rock Creek canyon wall as the stream drops away below. For another 4.5 miles the ditch and trail contour across steep terrain, in and out of three perennial stream drainages through a diverse mosaic of dense mixed conifer and open ponderosa pine forests, and open grass and shrub covered slopes. Rock Creek Trail ends in a small, flat saddle with large, scattered ponderosa pine and room for primitive camping. In the future, Rim Trail will begin at this point, climbing steeply eastward toward Spanish Peak. Trail is maintained to primitive standards each year.\n

\nRock Creek Trail is not open to horse use in order to protect the historic ditch features from damage through excessive stock use. The trail is designed, cleared, and maintained only to accommodate hiking use. Alternative routes into the Spanish Peak area and upper slopes of Rock Creek for riders are provided by Apple Trail #817 and primitive Forest Road #3800-200.","post_name":"rock-creek-trail-2","post_type":"resource","slug":"recreation","name":"Recreation","lat":"44.3535","lng":"-119.782","distance":"18.6","permalink":"\/see-do\/recreation\/hiking\/rock-creek-trail-2\/","terms":"a Hiking<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Recreation<\/a>)"}]},"success":true,"html":""}