{"results":{"recreation":[{"ID":"6391","post_title":"Umpqua Hot Springs Trail","post_content":"The Umpqua Hot Springs Trail is a short 0.3 mile hike to the springs. A \"tub\" 3 x 5 x 2.5 feet deep is hewn out of the travertine deposits surrounding the springs. Use is very high and nudity is common. The springs, at a temperature of 108 degrees, is located on a bare rock face 150 feet above the North Umpqua River. From the tub, there is a view of Surprise Falls across the river and A primitive composting toilet is located adjacent to the springs.

No motorized use on this trail due to poor condition of trail and high risk of accidents and resource damage.

There is a toilet in the parking lot and to the left of the bridge there are two campsites with picnic tables.

","post_name":"umpqua-hot-springs-trail","post_type":"resource","slug":"recreation","name":"Recreation","lat":"43.2951","lng":"-122.366","distance":"0.5","permalink":"\/see-do\/recreation\/snow-sports\/hiking\/umpqua-hot-springs-trail\/","terms":"a Snow Sport<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Recreation<\/a>)"},{"ID":"227650","post_title":"North Umpqua Trail (Hot Springs Segment)","post_content":"

The Hot Spring Segment of the North Umpqua Trail meanders along the North Umpqua River, from Toketee Lake Trailhead to Road 3401 and is an excellent mountain bike trail. <\/p>","post_name":"north-umpqua-trail-hot-springs-segment","post_type":"resource","slug":"recreation","name":"Recreation","lat":"43.2715","lng":"-122.407","distance":"3.5","permalink":"\/see-do\/recreation\/cycling\/hiking\/north-umpqua-trail-hot-springs-segment\/","terms":"a Hiking<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Recreation<\/a>)"},{"ID":"7618","post_title":"Bradley Trail","post_content":"One of the first trails through the area, The Bradley Trail was named after Bill Bradley who used the trail in the early 1900's as a trade route to the east side of the Cascades. The trail once crossed the Cascades near Windigo Pass and most of the it was destroyed by road building and timber harvest. This is the only section still maintained for public use.

The trail meanders through a mixed conifer stand composed primarily of Douglas-fir and hemlock. Near the end, hikers enter a large grassy opening with widely spaced old growth ponderosa pine. This large flat area known as Pine Bench, was periodically burned by the Indians who used the area for hunting. Now without the burning, Douglas-fir and incense cedar are beginning to encroach.

The Soda Springs Trail #1493 intersects approximately 1\/2 mile from the eastern end. Most of this trail is within the Boulder Creek Wilderness Area. and is closed to all motorized and mechanical use.
Hiking<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Recreation<\/a>)"},{"ID":"6430","post_title":"Toketee Lake Trail","post_content":"The Toketee Lake Trail runs parallel to Toketee Lake with short spurs leading to the water. Otter, beaver and ducks can be observed swimming in the lake. If you are lucky, you might get to see bald eagles flying overhead. Fishing is good with brown and rainbow trout present. Camping is available at Toketee Lake Campground. A recent mud slide has taken out part of the trail.","post_name":"toketee-lake-trail","post_type":"resource","slug":"recreation","name":"Recreation","lat":"43.2721","lng":"-122.421","distance":"4.3","permalink":"\/see-do\/recreation\/fishing\/hiking\/toketee-lake-trail\/","terms":"a Hiking<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Recreation<\/a>)"},{"ID":"9056","post_title":"Gary Leons Osprey Guide Service","post_content":"","post_name":"gary-leons-osprey-guide-service","post_type":"resource","slug":"recreation","name":"Recreation","lat":"43.2475","lng":"-122.416","distance":"5.2","permalink":"\/see-do\/recreation\/guides-charters-recreation\/fishing-guides-charters\/gary-leons-osprey-guide-service\/","terms":"a Guides & Charter<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Recreation<\/a>)"}]},"success":true,"html":""}